Floating therapy benefits

Stress and anxiety reduction

Float therapy offers a unique sense of calm and relaxation.

Pain Relief

Floating can reduce the sensation of pain by releasing endorphins, which are brain chemicals that reduce the sensation of pain.

Improved sleep

As it calms the nervous system and induces a state of tranquility, this benefit is considered one of the most important aspects of float therapy;

Improved immune system

Float therapy can help increase the body's ability to fight diseases and infections by reducing cortisol levels, which can suppress the immune system.

Improved blood circulation

Oxygenation of tissues is considered extremely important for the overall health of the body.

Reduced blood pressure

For those with blood pressure issues, the benefits of float therapy can help maintain healthy levels.


Float therapy has the ability to help eliminate toxins from the body through the skin due to transdermal absorption of magnesium.

Skin Health

The benefits for skin health, such as improving eczema and psoriasis, are especially appreciated by those with skin conditions.

Rapid recovery

Athletes and those engaged in intense physical activities emphasize the ability of float therapy to accelerate muscle recovery and healing.

Muscle relaxation

The reduction of muscle tension and physical stress is appreciated by those who face muscle discomfort or constant stress.

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